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Bowen boys a growin’

Rainy fall days are here. Friends have moved away from my town and a new season is bringing in a new type of average day in the Bowen household. It’s time to get creative with more time spent indoors. Today wasn’t an example of the creative juices at work but the morning was spent enjoying a tasty turmeric scrambled eggs with kale breakfast followed by coffee and Butter horns while the rained poured outside.

The boys are both snotty messes and Oliver was more tired than usual it seemed.

2013-09-28 10.36.46

This sweet little fellow is four months old tomorrow. Every day, I fall a little bit more in love with him. He is quick to share a delightfully joyous and sometimes shy smile. He squeaks with joy if you so much as smile back at him not to mention produce any joy invoking noises such as reverberating your lips ( anyone know what I’m talking about there?). He watches his older brother with wide, awestruck eyes and merely blinks when Shae “pats” him on the head, most of the time. His latest and greatest achievement, developmentally of course, is raising his chest up a little off the ground during tummy time and playfully blowing bubbles through his lips.

2013-09-24 14.22.51

Oh that bib he’s wearing there reminds me of another impending developmental milestone – teeth! While we’re not feeling any crowning yet, this guy is soaking through about five bibs plus an outfit a day with his drool!

2013-09-26 07.35.42

See what I’m talking about with the smile…

And here’s Shae 🙂 Oh the personality is blossoming. 😉

2013-09-19 15.15.14

I have to brag a little – my kid has taken to enjoying salad and I have proof!

2013-09-28 18.04.202013-09-28 18.04.25

As of 20 months old, Shae has 28 words recently including “heh-hen” (chicken) and a new favourite of mine – “peas” (please). He studies his picture books with increasing interest and practices naming the animals that he recognizes.

Along with his speech development, it seems his ability to understand cause and effect and reciprocate is too. As I brought out a brick of cheese to grate over his potatoes for lunch one day, he excited repeated “teese, teese.” As I served up seconds for him and began to grate the cheese, he stopped me in my tracks and uttered the words “day-do” (thank-you)! Oh happy day when all your effort starts to pay off.

It’s these kind of things that give each day a flavour whether it be tastefully salted to bring out the sometimes small but significant achievements of my boys, or maybe coated with honey when soaking in the sweet embraces or still maybe the strength of hot sauce that some situations bring about in a way that may cause tears but also a deeper appreciation for the overall flavour of lesson to be learned.

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Moments like these in toddlerville

It’s a known fact that social media such as Facebook tends to be a place where we reveal our best moments, our kids’ best moments, our wittiest remarks or comments. Talk about the grass always looking greener on the other side! But we all know it’s an illusion, some people are just better at making the good look fantastic!

When I think about my life and what I share on Facebook, it tends to be a lot of the good moments. The happy, smiling, industrious kids and me the happy, fulfilled mother and wife. It’s true, overall. But for the times when I am at the grocery store and my almost two-year-old is having a colossal meltdown complete with screaming and trying to climb out of the buggy while sympathetic onlookers try to tell him everything’s okay, I just don’t have my camera ready to capture the agony and embarrassment. Now when this happens at home, well then I have the where with all to document it for my little fellow to marvel at in years to come. Yes son, this was you, every other day.



I don’t share this to poke fun. I can only try to imagine what in the name of bewildered mothers everywhere, is causing my little guy to transform from happy go lucky toddler to a snotty mess lying on the floor. This time, it might have been that I was not letting him on the bed since he didn’t have a diaper on. I’m reading a book called The Happiest Toddler on the Block and I am beginning to understand about how the left and right sides of the brain function in a little tyke. Now just to remember all that I’m learning and help my guy back to a calmer and less agitated state – if I don’t have a meltdown myself first!

For every meltdown though, there’s a moment of redemption that envelopes my heart with warmth and gratefulness. I discovered that I could spy on my son as he looked a books quietly by himself on the floor of his bedroom. There’s this air vent between my room and his so the picture only captures a fraction of what I was able to witness – the quiet contemplation on my boy’s face, his little fingers turning the pages slowly…



And there are the moments that are few and far between…




And then the more common….



I think it’s safe to say that for all the sleepless nights, tantrums, dumped bags of rice or what-have-you on the floor and any other misdemeanors the camera isn’t always ready to capture, the things that endure occur every day if only for a moment.


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A recap of summer

Summer was great. July, as you all remember, was sun, sun, sun all day and everyday, we were outside in our backyard that must be enormous to Shae. He got a pool from his Nanny B and I think this is one of the best shots showing my little man enjoying it.


Now and then, a friend would join him.


We also had some success with our garden this year including a few pounds of potatoes, tons of tomatoes, a bowl of peas, lettuce, a few eggplants and even a couple jalepeno peppers. We also had strawberries but Shae just couldn’t wait for any of them to turn red.


And there were many naked days for one happy little boy…


And a few for this one too


Shae got his first haircut this summer too


August was visiting and weddings month! Oliver and Shae got to meet their Uncle Tony who came out for a visit from Montreal with Uncle Allen.


Craft time at our house resulted in a rather charred, caveman era looking hands mold, cute nonetheless.IMG_3567 IMG_3574

Oh and can’t forget Shae’s first ride on a horse!


Or all six brothers back together again!


Some highlights to bring you up to speed.

On to fall



I like to write to sort my thoughts out which is why I started my blog, mootable. I haven’t given much thought to a journal type blog that details my day to day meanderings and what’s going down in my house with two boys literally under two! Until today when I read a friend’s blog and thought about what a treasure it will be for her to look back on days past as a mom to two little girls and wife to her husband. There is so much each day that is worth remembering but where many memories fade, words bring back the days when we were young.

So with that, I dedicate this blog to the stories and memories of my days with my boys. Amidst the craziness of keeping up with it all, I hold these days close to my heart in a way that grows a lump in my throat when they will be past.

To the tales of joy, frustration, inspiration, boredom, triumphs, struggles, the exciting and the mundane.