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At least it’s not the flu…


Sickness will just not leave this house! I tell myself it’s probably my fault in some way, too much chocolate, not enough vegetables. When will I learn?

It started with the boys coming down with these coughs the couple weeks before Christmas, then as they started to recover over Christmas holidays, Jesse was claimed by congestion, sore throat and aches for the duration of his time off. For the entirety of last week, my boys were using me as a Kleenex and going to bed by 6:30 with another gloriously productive cold. And now that they are getting back to normal, I am suffering – and my husband is out of town for six days!

Ok, so now that I’ve written it, it really isn’t as bad as I feel it to be…probably because I didn’t mention the part about how it has been raining non-stop, my children have been whining from the moment the day starts to the time they are in bed – even when I have to run to the bathroom during story time because I was having a nosebleed.

In the world of toddlers and babies, there are strict rules and demands that must be abide by otherwise, screaming and insanity will ensue.

1. Mommy is not allowed to go to the potty unaccompanied – actually, Mommy is not allowed to go to the potty at all.

2. Mommy is not allowed to do dishes – “I WANT” the dirty plate in the dishwasher!

3. Snacks and treats are to be enjoyed without limitation – unless it’s the baby enjoying some mama milk, that’s not allowed.

4. Boots will be worn.

5. Clothes and diapers will not be worn.

6. Naps are for babies, no wait, the baby can’t nap either.

7. Baby must be held during late afternoon hours with toddler scaling Mommy’s leg, insisting the baby be dropped.

8. No talking on the phone unless Mommy enjoys three and four way chatter.

9. Showers are for the whole family to enjoy together.

10. Toys are for spreading all over the floor – the more chaotic, the better.

11. Babies sitting unattended on the floor will be sat on.

12. Waking from nap is not starting the day a new and cheery unless there is something damn good to wake up for.

And with that, the toddler is disappointed to wake-up and find his mama writing on her laptop and not extending an ice cream cone.Image



Author: whenwewereyoung...

A stay at home mom of two boys under two, love TED talks, swing dancing and of course, writing. When we were young is my sharing of motherhood, the beautiful, the ugly, the happy, the sad and the world my boys are growing up in.

2 thoughts on “At least it’s not the flu…

  1. You inspire me. Your words speak the words that so many mothers want to say but can’t find them. You are an amazing mother, and your strength is letting others know that you are human and you aren’t perfect. Your love for your kids is beautiful and admirable. Always be yourself and let your light shine! ❤

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