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Full moon, dun dun duhhhh

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It was a full moon the other night and I didn’t need a calender to tell me that – who else  knows what I’m talking about?

Courtesy of mindbodygreen.com

Without fail, on or around the full moon, my kids sleep poorly.

I’ve been doing some reading up on what the deal is with lunar activity and babies’ sleep patterns. As with anything, there’s a plethora of articles that contradict each other on all fronts. We know that ocean tides are affected during the full moon but lakes and even some seas aren’t because they are too small, so the science says. P1000620

Science can’t fully explain the increase of things like aggression, animals biting, poor sleep and suicides on a full moon but the emergency room and police dispatch definitely notice they are a lot busier on those nights. I remember a friend and police officer even telling me he got more calls for domestic disputes and other disturbances on a full moon.

It seems to me that our level of understanding science and our world just doesn’t cover the cosmic impact on our psychologically connected minds. TIME magazine published a piece about this phenomenon and I thought this excerpt at the end surmised it well.

Rather, the answer is simply that we, like every other species on Earth, evolved on a particular planet with a particular set of astronomical cycles—day and night, full moons and less full—and our circadian systems adapted. It’s hard to say where the internal clock is in, say, a flowering plant, but in humans, it’s likely in the suprachiasmatic nuclei, a tiny region of the brain near the optic nerve involved in the production of melatonin, certain neurotransmitters and other time-keeping chemicals, all in a rhythm consistent with both its terrestrial and cosmic surroundings. Physically, human beings may be creatures of just this world, but our brains—and our behavior—appear to belong to two.

Science is ever growing and expanding its library of knowledge on how our world works to include new dimensions and forces at work. I believe that we live in a complex and incredibly unique world designed by the Creator. Maybe in another couple decades, we might understand why the moon impacts some people the way it does.

And while I do rather dread the full moon because it means a wakeful night for me and my boys, I also so deeply appreciate the reminder it is of how there is so much yet to be learned about our planet that could possibly open doors to understanding our lives that much more!



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