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The ways March isn’t mad


A week of action in my household involves tackling projects that have been sitting by the wayside or in a tremendous heap in the garage.

It literally drives me around the bend to see boxes of clothing intended for donation or a garage that makes me cringe every time I open the door (and quickly shut when I’m done there). It’s like a corner of my soul has been deflating with the passing weeks and months.

But there’s nothing like an ultimatum to get your butt into gear. In our case: well it looks like we’re going to start up the business again or else move.

This year has been fairly uncertain in every aspect. So, why not cover all our bases and make like we’re opening a business AND moving?

Boxes gone.

Garage organized.

Heart inflating.

Cleaning garage

You kind of feel like you’ve completed some type of marathon at the end of it because don’t forget, this all happened with the unrelenting demands of these two lovelies.

snacks, hangin, sunshine, brothers

So now that that’s out of the way, we’re not even going to be around to enjoy the organization and de-cluttered space. We are on day one of 12 days at Jesse’s parents’ place while they are in Mexico.

I’m both excited and nervous about being in the city and away from home for so long. I think I probably having a harder time being away home than the boys. There, the boys have their park which we could basically see if a couple houses and a school weren’t in the way.

conquering the ladder, growing up, proud of my boy Conquered, big boy, on to the next challengediscovery, little fingers, playtime

Shae’s latest achievement at the park is climbing this ladder all by himself. He doesn’t get tired of the slide or his new found joy in “de jump!” as he says when he jumps off a small boulder or step. He speaks in full sentences now and narrates every part of his day whether it be “I did a sleep” after he has woken up from nap or “Shae did a bump” when he hurts himself. Here are some other honourable mentions:

“Offa the bed, Daddy.”

“Shae have yogurt? Yep.” He answers most of his own questions.

“Kiss the Shae.”

“Olivaah, no touch.”

“Bye, fweinds.”

These are exciting days watching our baby grow into a little boy. It’s the kind of excitement that comes with a lump in the throat at times.

Oliver is also rising to the spotlight. He started crawling at eight months but only if absolutely necessary. Now, he pulls himself up on anything he can grab hold. And like his brother, he is eager to communicate with the most adorable babble baby and the occasional “dada.” Much to my delight, I have discovered that Daddy has a certain power. Where Oliver will fuss at times with me because he just wants to nurse even though he’s already sucked my milk bags dry, he calms right down with his Dad. And when I say calm, I mean sleep!

daddy power, sleeping baby, happy mama

So that’s a recap. Life at home.

So far for our stay here in the city, the most photo worthy moment is brought to you by Nanny’s knobs.

thinks it's something to suck on Oliver loves knobs


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A stay at home mom of two boys under two, love TED talks, swing dancing and of course, writing. When we were young is my sharing of motherhood, the beautiful, the ugly, the happy, the sad and the world my boys are growing up in.

3 thoughts on “The ways March isn’t mad

  1. I too need to declutter my house, but I think that is what spring is all about. Love the picture of Oliver and daddy! Ginny, didn’t you know that knobs are so tasty! Great pictures! Thank-you for sharing.’

  2. The power of a momma to soothe. I love being able to calm Cameron down, but I dislike him nursing for hours, cause that is what it seems like. He has always been a fast and efficient nurser so when he just wants to comfort nurse I get frustrated.
    I just nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award, You can come by and get it and the rules if you are interested. 🙂

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