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Shopping in Richmond not recommended for parents with children under the age of….3?


So here we are, day two of our 12 days away from home and I’m not even dreaming about packing my bags just yet.

Of course, if you had asked me yesterday, my answer may have been a bit different. From the moment we woke up, the day was a steady stream of crying kids, stressed parents, a trip to Superstore that was far less enjoyable than I had anticipated it to be and overtired, snotty babies by the day’s end.

Let me elaborate on the Superstore fiasco.

I had this grand idea of strolling in relaxed wonderment through the vast aisles of the store I haven’t been to in a couple years. I forgot two major inhibiting factors though: babies and No. 3 Road.

If you grew up in Richmond or have ever been there, you know what I am talking about. It’s the road where you get honked out into an intersection precisely .5 seconds after the light turns green. It’s the place where you get caught in between intersections because your lane stopped moving and the light has since turned red. The dreaded stop and go infuriates your baby who wails as soon as the car is motionless. You think, “If we can just make it two more blocks we’ll be home free.” Except that is only the beginning of new trials because suddenly, you remember one of the big reasons you avoid this Superstore – the parkade.

Pulling in, I zeroed in on an available Expectant Moms parking stall which we victoriously claimed. Not a bad start but we must have got ahead of ourselves and we were quickly reminded of where we had come as we went to grab a buggy. First, we had a toonie, not a loonie as required. Then, an old man came up and was struggling to get his loonie out of his cart because he had already pushed his little ejector thingy into his own cart. As we helped him, we realized the cart he would have plugged into had the same problem and so we troubleshooted while a line of people formed behind us waiting to claim their buggies.

We finally got our buggy and went on our merry way until I misjudged the width of the buggy going in the doorway and drove it right in, giving Shae a jarring lurch which he vocalized loudly. Maybe we should have taken this as a sign to just turn back but we continued on.

At last we were inside and I began taking in the wealth of capitalism in all its consumer glory. Unsurprisingly, it served to remind Shae that he wanted a snack. And downhill our shopping trip went ending with both babies expressing their displeasure in their surroundings and the toddler flip flopping between wanting his boots off and on. There was no pleasing him at this point. It was either laugh or cry. I laughed, Jesse cried (well actually he just drove the cart as fast as he could out of the store).

Again we faced No. 3 road and general city traffic which we have become most wonderfully unaccustomed to. We ended our evening on a brighter note with having friends over for dinner and finally tucking our weary children into bed.

The photo for this post is brought to you by a typical park job in Richmond.



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A stay at home mom of two boys under two, love TED talks, swing dancing and of course, writing. When we were young is my sharing of motherhood, the beautiful, the ugly, the happy, the sad and the world my boys are growing up in.

2 thoughts on “Shopping in Richmond not recommended for parents with children under the age of….3?

  1. Lol. You are SOOO lucky you don’t live in Richmond anymore! I used to live going to Superstore (as I love the President’s Choice brand items) when I lived on Marine Drive in Vancouver, but we won’t even attempt the Richmond store. Or 3 road past Westminster for that matter. It’s insane out here. Oh, and that park job is pretty good for a Richmond driver! Haha!

  2. i agree, the parking job is considered pretty good for a Richmond driver. I’ve seen worst, and the driving skills out there are greatly lacking; for example turning right in a left hand turn lane. I don’t miss Richmond at all, and your blog brought back to many memories. Beside their driving skills, I find a good portion of the people very rude there.

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