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Diaper days are numbered!

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Happy dances are happening daily around here as Shae is going on his fifth day in a row of peeing and pooping in his little potty!!!

big boy, potty training, doing his business, proud mama

Just all of the sudden, he decided sitting down to do his business was a good idea. So far, it mostly takes place throughout the morning after we take off his night diaper. I remembered to take off his diaper after nap today and again, he rose to the occasion, or rather sat? Anyways, I am pretty tickled at this new development and eager to keep it going. It’s one thing for him to go to the potty while he is home, it’s a whole ‘nother thing when we’re out and about. How do we go about that? Is it just a matter of him realizing it’s rather uncomfortable to walk/sit in wet pants? When do we start to venture out without a diaper? Should I get the ‘potty trained at home’ down-pat first?

And finally, night trained. I am not in a rush for this one but I would love to hear your stories of how and when this miraculous change took place!


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One thought on “Diaper days are numbered!

  1. For us, time was flying, and she needed to be potty-trained, so we allowed our daughter to go without a diaper. We spent the next three days cleaning up after her accidents, giving her endless baths, and doing lots of laundry. She decided that she didn’t like the feeling of wet pants, and started using the potty. For the first week, we stayed close to home so that if she had an accident outside, clean-up was minutes away. After awhile, you just have to trust them, and they will tell you when they have to pee. Also, when you at least expect it, they will pee in other toilets! Before you know it, they are potty-trained, and then it’s dealing with the night-time routine. The best way for avoiding accidents at night is reducing the liquids before bed and encouraging them to pee as often as they can at night. Sure, they’ll love getting up every single time to see what mommy and daddy are up to, but it’s manageable in the long run.

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