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How tossing our microwave saved me more time

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We sold our microwave at a garage sale about six months ago and haven’t missed it since.

It was a bit hard to let go at first – in fact we put it out in the shed only to bring it back after some time. I mean, when little hungry mouths are demanding food NOW, it’s nice to settle the noise within one minute by throwing some leftovers into the microwave. And what about quick thawing things? It takes hours to thaw frozen meat otherwise.

The thing is, I don’t think twice about pouring my coffee into a pot and warming it up on the stove no more than I wait anxiously for leftover dinner to warm up in the toaster oven. I plan for it to take a bit longer – if I know I want to have lunch on the table by noon, I throw the spaghetti into the toaster oven fifteen minutes before and use the time between washing up the boys and getting them seated (Yeah, it takes that long sometimes!).

Why I don’t miss it.

So much of our lives is spent rushing – rushing out the door, rushing through the grocery store, rushing through checking emails, rushing to appointments, rushing through meals… We squeeze more than is often healthy into every possible minute of our day. We can do it all because we have amenities like microwaves, smartphones, cars, internet, prepared food. We also have increasing rates of heart disease, numerous nervous system disorders, and cancers.

Not having a microwave has been one step towards a less chaotic household because it forces me to plan ahead more and leave ample time for tasks to be done rather than packing in as much as I can leading up to chow time.

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Also, not having a microwave kinda forces you to actually cook food instead of buying ready to go stuff that is loaded with salt, preservatives and other stuff your body has to work overtime to digest and metabolize. Not saving time there you might think. But what is your understanding of time? Is time something to be used up entirely with all the items on our “to do” lists, or is it spending moments to teach our kids how to eat and live well? I have more of the later because of not owning a microwave.

More reasons to toss?

Microwaves as a health risk is a moot point. As with anything, one can only draw a conclusion based on the information available. So here are some points for what is known and on the flip side, what isn’t.

  • The energy emitted from microwaves reverses the polarity of the atoms and molecules millions of times a second unlike anything else in nature. Microwaves change the molecular structure of food, damaging the cells.
  • We all know not to heat our baby’s milk in the microwave because it heats it up unevenly and causes “hot spots.” What you may not know is that it also it was found to convert certain amino acids into poisonous neurotoxins.
  • A Swiss scientist, Dr. Hans Ulrich Hertel, conducted tests on the blood of individuals after consuming food from microwaves and his findings concluded deterioration in the human body. He was thereafter fired from his job for questioning the integrity of microwaving food.
  • Blood levels tested in people after consuming microwaved food showed decreased hemoglobin levels while white blood cell production increased.
  • Microwaves were banned by in the Soviet Union in 1971. They issued an international warning on the potential health hazards after intensive and thorough research.
  • Other European countries have also taken a cautionary stance to microwaves based on their own scientific evaluations.
  • In the states, there have been no specifically tailored studies conducted by universities nor the government on the effects of microwaved food and the human body.
  • The FDA admittedly states that there are many questions on the effects of radiation on the human system and yet health claims for them are widespread as is their use.

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