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When Daddy is there

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Fathers, I can’t help but feel you don’t get as much due praise and encouragement as you deserve. Mothers are celebrated in their roles every day of the year for sacrificing sleep and the struggles they endure with childbirth, breastfeeding, nourishing, teaching, loving and more for their children.

What about dads?

Maybe they don’t yearn for affirmation the same way we women do, but nonetheless, their role is every bit as important and crucial in the raising of future generations.

I think of the ways my husband has not only been an amazing father to our boys, but how he has helped me be a better mother. When fathers participate, children thrive.

  • When I need extra sleep because I was up half of the night with the boys, Jesse lets me sleep in ’til he leaves for work.
  • When our two-year old challenges me and I cave under his mind crushing powers of persuasion, Jesse stands firm and doesn’t allow the toddler to rule the roost.
  • When he shows our boys how to love and be patient in the way he cares for me – an invaluable quality that will be forever imprinted on their hearts and minds.
  • When he demonstrates stability and safety in our family – mommy and daddy will disagree quite loudly and scowl at each other for a while, but daddy will always stay and work things out until peace is restored.
  • When he makes time for them and gets down and plays farm, he’s telling them he cares about what they are interested in. I see a payoff with this hopefully about 11 or so years down the road.
  • When he reads to them, he stimulates their desire to learn.
  • When he prays for them, he shows them humility and reliance on the Creator who is the giver of all good things.
  • When he listens to them, they feel respected and will give respect in return (it’s a work in progress;-).

I am so thankful this Father’s Day for my children’s father and also for my own dad who took the time to listen to me and teach me what he understood of life many an evening sitting out on the porch after dinner. My dad displayed qualities I admire and that I see mirrored in my husband. My dad’s impact is far reaching because he showed me what a good father is. Although I didn’t know it at the time, I believe something inside me recognized those same qualities in Jesse.

My dad showed me integrity and putting forth my best effort. He kept things light-hearted because he knew too well how life could crush your spirit otherwise. He worked hard and rarely took sick days – a quality that I value and aspire to with every job I have had. He showed me appreciation and love for music and the arts. He inspired me to look further than my school textbooks and introduced me to genius of Nikola Tesla, long before Tesla Motors came out.

My boys and yours are the future fathers of our world – never underestimate your value and impact in their lives!

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