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Thrifty Wears Thursday on Friday!

Try as I did, Thrifty Wears Thursday could just not happen yesterday.

I started off alright, donned a cute look and reached for my camera (although it didn’t happen as uninterrupted as that; you can be sure there were a couple rescuing the baby from the toddler and diaper changes in there).

And then my camera lens had an error that prevented it from opening.

No worries, that’s why I have two cameras.

Apparently though, my nifty Lumix point-and-shoot does not have the timed photo feature. I contemplated asking my two year-old to take a picture of me and swiftly dismissed that idea with a laugh.

Then I got my “selfie” on. Am I the only one who feels like a narcissistic dummy, taking shot after shot in search of one that can be deemed suitable for public display?

Well that’s as far as I got because I had to put my Oliver down for his morning nap, during which I planted Shae in front of Dora and dealt with a business order that was very time sensitive. This was followed by putting together a couple care packages that had to mailed last week. A glance at the clock indicated that my child had already been watching TV for half an hour so again, blog post was thwarted with a toddler who does not support my writing career.

I could detail the rest of the day but that’s boring. Suffice to say, there was just no time!

All that to say, Thrifty Wears Thursday has been bumped this week!

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Today’s outfit is almost entirely from clothes I snagged at a friend’s clothing swap. The top is Forever 21, the earrings are Colombian artisan that my sister-in-law picked up for me during her last visit, and the just above knee length skirt and leather/pleather bracelet have little brand value (not that I care!).

I share this with you not because I think I have fashion sense to impart to you but because I promote reusing clothing and show that you can still look good! I suppose in that sense, I do think my apparel is complimentary to those who prefer a casual and slightly “hippified” look.

Happy Friday everyone!





The Jasmine

thrity wears thursday, hippyville, casual, summer, cheap, reuse

So upon request from my friend Rebekah over at Surviving Toddlerhood, I am sharing what a typical day, me wearing Jasmine pants (aka harem pants, Aladdin pants) looks like. In no way do I think I have some special insights into the fashion world and have never considered having a “fashion” part of my blog. But I am exploring the idea of having a bit more structure and consistency with my blog and to that end, I bring you…

Thrifty wears Thursday!

Anyone who knows me knows that I mostly shop at thrift stores for a couple reasons: 1) I can’t keep up with the prices on brand new clothing these days! 2) Why not reuse the already good finds circulating through second hand shops?

When I am not shopping at thrift stores, I also like to support local tailors and small shops. The jasmine pants featured here today are from such a place. You can often find street vendors selling their wears at festivals and ferry terminals during the summer. If you are looking for some breezy, summery wear, be sure to keep your eyes open for these pop-up shops. These pants are actually converted from a child sized romper simply by wearing them around my waist – and I saved myself $15 because they were in the children’s section! 😛

I found the top at a friend’s clothing swap along with the earrings – another score!

I have another secret to share with you. If you are blessed to have a family member from a country south of the USA, give her your shopping list when she’s down for a visit. The necklace I’m wearing was among several other treasures my sister-in-law found during her visit to her homeland in Colombia and significantly cheaper than if I even managed to find something equivalent here.

And that’s it for today’s Thrifty Wears Thursday! Enjoy the weather if it’s sunny wherever you are!


P.S. I apologize for the low grade quality shot here – next time it’ll be better!